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Our programs!

In all our programs, from Protagoras Moot Court and the Model Hellenic Parliament, to the World Academic Venture, the Afixis Salon and the Afixis Hackathon, our vision is clear: to transform education.

Which one to choose?

Model Hellenic Parliament

Model Hellenic Parliament will bring you closer to designing public policy through a simulation of the inner workings of the Parliament. You will hone both your public speaking and your problem solving skills, while if you prove the best, the leadership of your parliamentary group awaits you. Are you ready to represent the people of Greece in Parliament?

Protagoras Moot Court

Protagoras will help you master your argumentation and public speech skills through a simulation of real-life court procedure.

Are you ready to take the mantle of being a lawyer or a witness at a trial, battling to save an innocent man from convinction or condemn a dangerous criminal?

World Academic Venture

WAVE is the place to learn how to conduct research, to write a scientific article and to present your work through innovative ways that will make it stand out.

This is a must-have experience for any student aspiring at a career in research!

Afixis Hackathon

On the other hand, you could always try your skills at Afixis Hackathon, where students of all ages are welcome to build their own prototypes, be that a web app, a phone app or a game!

If you are passionate about coding, this is the experience that will take you skills to the next level!

Afixis Salon

Afixis Salon offers the chance to meet and talk with some of the brightest minds in science and beyond. By participating in this program, you will gain the unique opportunity to engage in fruitfull discussion around education, which makes this exchange of ideas invaluable. An important experience for all those passionate about education!