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8 years of experience


Transforming Education


We at Afixis, an educational non-profit organisation, are dedicated to designing and offering innovative educational programs for students of all ages, as well as to mentoring students in order to develop their personalities and skills, to discover their potential and to contribute through their actions to the embetterment of humanity.

Our mission is to transform education. To achieve that goal, we offer an intergrated educational experience that fosters life-long development through interactive events and knowledge exploration that will turn our students into citizens of the world.

Our organisation is based in Thessaloniki and offers its programs throughout Greece and the World, having contributed so far to the education of more than 3,500 students.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy can be summed in the single thought that education should fulfill the individual needs of students and should empower them to fully develop their talents and skills.

At the same time, education should be entertaining and interesting, casting away its coercive characteristics imposed by the current educational system.

The Recipe of Success:

Our Team

Afixis keeps growing and our continuous operation is based on the contribution of people of different skills fulfilling various important roles in the organisation.

We all volunteer our time and contribute our skills and knowledge so that Afixis can succeed in its mission to transform education, to provide an alternative paradigm for a global educational system that will prioritise interactive and entertaining learning processes to shape students into citizens of the world.

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